On a road such as this, even time has to slow down. Here, you feel the centuries beneath your feet and over your head. You're surrounded by colonial history. For Old Sandwich Road is as old and peculiar as its name. The original connection between Plymouth and the Town of Sandwich on Cape Cod, it has been in use for over 350 years ~ making it the oldest continuously used, still partially unpaved road in the United States.

It's a quiet country road that winds its way through wetlands and deep woods, over hills and by low-lying cranberry bogs. Past clear lakes and lush meadows. Long Stretches of it are still dirt, twisting, turning and then shooting straight as an arrow under a canopy of white pine.

As you walk or drive along Old Sandwich Road, you might find it hard to believe you're just an hour from Boston. And minutes from the Cape or a private flight out of Plymouth Municipal Airport. Because here you have this sense that you've returned to a place of origins ~ and to a time when life moved, not by the minute hand, but perhaps by the track of the sun or the pace of the human heart.

The appeal of Plymouth is not just the course but its easy access from New York, Boston, and Connecticut. Unlike Cape Cod, which requires crossing one of two bridges for access, traffic is not a major concern in the summertime. The weather makes the golf season at least six months long, and the coastal location makes winters milder than other New England areas.